DEMO Asia is ready to Launch!

February 5, 2012 by DEMO Asia team

DEMO Alumni newsletter

After 3 months of auditions, DEMO Asia is all set to go come end February — more than 70 Launch and Alpha Pitch companies have been chosen, and there’ll be more than 120 companies showcasing the latest, cutting-edge technology at the DEMO Asia Pavilion.

We’ll get to meet a few familiar names at the Pavilion — DEMO Alumni companies ShowUHow, ePulze, Intelledox, Brand Karma, Foound, Fetch Fans and Zirtu.

DEMO Asia will not only attract entrepreneurs, but also:

Corporate developers and acquirers — their eyes will be on the Launch stage, as they seek out choice acquisitions and partner candidates. DEMO has enjoyed an impressive track record, with more than 40 acquisitions since DEMO 2004.

Venture and angel investors — whether it is early, mid or late-stage investment, the carefully-selected companies launching at DEMO Asia are all ripe for investment. Demonstrators over the past five years have generated a whopping US$3.5 billion after their launch at DEMO.

Buyers — CIOs/CTOs from large retail companies will be looking out for promising new technology to bring to market.

Media — DEMO Asia will be the place for breaking Asian technology news, and that’s sure to attract trade and mainstream press. DEMO attracts more than 100 media professionals from major publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and USAToday, key trade publications like PCWeek, Computerworld, CNet and ZDNet to top tech bloggers like VentureBeat, Mashable and GigaOM.